Spain MEGA 2011 Calella

The MEGA Event Catalunya 2011 (GC2KH4V) was held in Calella de Mar, Catalunya, Spain on the weekend of 8th and 9th October 2011. The main event was held on the Saturday, and then there was a Flash Mob (GC343BY) and a MEGA Paella (GC33K6K)on the Sunday. The weather was perfect with warm sunshine both days.


At the MEGA on the Saturday, there was an exhibition of unusual caches.

The follow up events on the Sunday included a FlashMob on the beach and a MEGA Paella:-

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At the same time as the MEGA, there was an Octoberfest going on for 3 weeks. There were many bands that came and changed over every week. Some of them were warming up on the streets near our hotel: